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A Storyboard Come True

As far back as I can remember I began storyboarding. I was barely old enough to use a pair of elementary school scissors when my sister and I would lay for hours on the floor, our bodies pressed together side … Continue reading

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The Story of Us

Everyone has a story.  I think this is what makes meeting people so much fun… it takes a while to unravel everyone’s personal story, but slowly and piece by piece… it comes out.  I have a lot of stories probably … Continue reading

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October=Breast Cancer Awareness

It is October and Fall is in the air… but it is the touch of PINK we see that reminds us it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  And if you take notice, you will see that touch of pink everywhere. … Continue reading

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Oh, What a Night

It was a weekend to remember… family in from out of town, planning for months and a big surprise!  The details and white lies were in place.  The plan was reviewed over and over again.  The perfect choices we made.  Permission … Continue reading

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Updates, Additions and News

It has been about two months since this blog began and I thought it was time to do a little reflecting.  It has become so much more than I ever thought it could be.  As I have written each blog, … Continue reading

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A Mother's Love

Tears fill my eyes as I try to find the right combination of words I can use to accurately describe a mother’s love.  It can’t just be a light-hearted mix of words that spell a nonchalant message.  These words need … Continue reading

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